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Milfe was a born fighting machine. her family came from a long blood line of tremendous fighters. she is never soft and is always pitililess. From the moment she was born she has been training to fight defend and protect. she is hard core and very proud. her physical description is: she is a pitch black she-cat with green eyes. She is also very tom-boyish and playfull and likes to be around her friends (which are mostly toms omg!) she is not a flirt and is very hard to get. She is very mean and snooty when you first meet her but if you become her friend she is nice and will protect you with everything shes got.
Milfe - Warrior Cats
milfes theme: halo from the video game halo
milfe has been sent on many "missions" for assasinations and ambushes. but recently her family was wiped out and she moved to the forest. her sole purpose in life: Fight
Roleplayer- iheartcookies

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Milfe - Warrior Cats

the black kittycat
milfe!!! (from brightclaws thank you!)

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