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On this page, anyone who has any new kits can post them here to show to the rest of the website. Be sure to include a picture of your kits, and be sure to tell who are their parents! :)O\

Mother Father Kits Shadowscar Tigerfeather Shadowkit, Tigerkit, Smokekit, Tarkit, Honeykit Spottedstone Ashflame (Died) Bluekit, Flamekit Brightflower Cloudstream Icekit, Berrykit Brightpath Firespark Smokekit, Citruskit, Nightkit Scarstorm Firepelt Treekit, Frostkit, Silentkit, Jasminekit Badgerfang Blazepaw (Died) Blazekit Tawnyleaf(died) Tangleclaw redkit,spottedkit,tinykit(died)
,bramblekit,rainkit,darkkit,slashkit Milkheart Cooper Riverkit and splashkit Scarshadow Thunderfur Tigerkit Bright
Embersong Blade
Fury [he was a rogue but he died] Moon, Sun, Flame, Stone, and Cinder
Cinderkit, Butterflykit

Dawnsky Tigerfang Tigerkit, Littlekit, Mousekit Snowstorm Thunderclaw Snowkit, Stormkit, Freekit, Reedkit.

Rainfire Thunderfur Wildkit,Grasskit,Tawnykit
Shadowfeather Jaggedrock Featherkit,Stormkit,Webkit,Hazelkit
Nightclaw Blackheart Tinykit
nightstripe darkstream ebonykit, blackkit, sootkit, smudgekit
Beautyfur & Grayriver- Cloverkit, Rabbitkit, Icekit, Ivykit, Leafkit, Sparklekit, Bramblekit ((my kits aren't newborns they were born three moons ago))
Rosesong & Lightpaw- Flamekit, Brightkit, Silverkit, Stormkit, Shadowkit (adopted), Fawnkit (Adopted five moons old)
Dawnpool & Hawkshadow (dead) sunkit and flamekit
Shimmerpelt & Hawkeye (deseaced) - Ambersky, Dawnpool
Windsong & Fangclaw (deceased) - Leafsky, Darkstorm, Snowthistle, and Ivypool
Nightsong & Oakridge (deceased) - Dawn and Midnight
Mistwing & Flame - Minnow, Sunflare, Bella, and Smoky
Rainfire & Thunderfur-Tawnykit,Wildkit,(Grasskit)
Icelake & Nightpelt - Spicekit (adopted)
Tanglefoot & Mistypatch - Skykit, Snowshoekit
Silentlake & Wolfheart- Angelkit, Falconkit
Birdwing & ???- Petalpaw, Crowpaw, Berrykit, Airpaw(adpoted).
Featherheart & Nightwind- Cheetahkit, Moonkit and Brackenkit.
Tearstream&Slashstorm- Treekit, Clawkit, Snowkit
Breezecloud & Moose~ Dovekit, Stonekit, Dolphinkit, Smallkit and Pepperkit.
Kits~Sageheart, Dappleleaf and Skytail

Emily& ????: Firekit,Blackkit,Whitekit,Snowkit.

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