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the forest clans
Playful, Wise, Bright, and Full of Zeal
DayClan's home is found in a large field, filled with many streams and glades. They are loyal and caring but, don't think you can take advantage of that. These cats are full of strength and strong will. They protect each other like a mother would her kits. They enjoy the sunlight and tall grass of the plains. They used to live in such a place, but were forced to move due to lack of prey. Many are unhappy about this, but they are content in there new home.
Swift, Fierce, Noble, and Dark
NightClan is made up of cats that enjoy the essence of night. Our hunts, patrols, and even dreams involve the night sky and moon glowing above our heads. We hunt by the night's glow. We grow with the moon's phases. On our territory we share borders with DayClan and MoonClan, with the distant SunClan only barely touching our woods. We also have a babbling brook the runs through our territory, dividing it in two. As you can tell, most of our territory is made up of forest, but there is an area near our camp that turns to rock and hill, mountain and cave alike.
Graceful, Strong, and Full of Welcoming
We are the graceful and strong SunClan. Our cats prowl the forest with the other Clans that dwell there. We live on an open part of the territory where sun is always shining into our camp. We prefer keeping to ourselves and are not known to be especially troublesome. We are usually at peace with the other Clans but we will fight do the death if you threaten us. We will take and defend the territory that is rightfully ours. We don't always accept non-Clan cats, but if you are willing to be loyal to our Clan and leader, your skills are always appreciated.
Moral, Eloquent, and Staunch
For cats bathed in a sultry darkness, the moonshine their only guidance, MoonClan is a clan of morality untapped by the foul world around them. Their hearts lay beyond the warrior code, but their judgments are in trust to the ancestors and they let stardust lead their souls. For this they tend to keep close relations with enemies few and far between. Most explicitly known is the bond MoonClan shares with the other Forest Clans, and the soured relationship between it and EarthClan.

the mountain clans
Peaceful, Loyal, Loving, and Cunning
Peace, love, SpringClan. We are the cats who tend to prefer peace over war, love over hate. Don't be mistaken, though, if you wrong us we will fight you. Many mistake our kindness for weakness, but we are just as strong, if not stronger than all the other Clans. We are loving to all and will give anyone a fair chance to speak their mind. We strictly follow the warrior code, but are not afraid to do what we believe is right. We are intelligent and smart, and often use our minds rather than brute strength to win a battle. Brute strength, of course, is not a strong point of those living in these flowery plains, but that doesn't mean we can't win a battle. We are charismatic and easy to get along with. We tend to be the kind of cats everyone wants to be around, but you don't want us as enemies.
Honest, Inspired, Forgiving, and Headstrong
The words of all are only described in the simple plans of love, strength, trust, and simplicity. Well, at least SummerClan can. Their spirit is simply astounding, to a cat, or person how has never seen true endearing character to each other. If only those words would really mean something, to one that would kill, or take from ones they used to look up to. These simple words are truly inspiring to the ones we love, or even despise, because it shows we're stronger than any should estimate. To each small word, there's no stronger point than love. Our warriors are strong and loyal. Will you join us and find our way life, to be fitting, and worthy of the strength and courage of SummerClan?
Playful, Caring, Vigilant, and Noble
Cunning, swift, playful, noble, the cats of the trees, one with the forest around them, this is what FallClan is to it's members. It's home that stays peaceful and quiet more often than not, even if turmoil is occurring in the territories around it. One wouldn't believe this clan to be fierce in battle because of it's kind and caring members. They see the cats of FallClan as a bunch of over-fed kittypets, but they have another thing coming when they fight them: a clan as fierce as a tiger. A clan of nobility and truth: when a battle presents itself before them, they don't rush to arms like some other clans. Instead, FallClan prefers to find another means of fighting, be it with sheer wit or by tooth and claw. If anything, FallClan will always live by one simple rule: Don't judge a book by it's cover because appearances can be deceiving.
Hostile, Guarded, Potent, and Neutral
At the peak of the mountain where this Clan calls home, strength is nice, but survival is vital. Winterclan, where visitors are rarely welcome, there is a price for everything and the snow can be crimson for long, considering it rarely melts away. They stay up in their arctic environment and typically don't like to get mixed up with the affairs of other clans. Don't think for a moment they are weak! Tested on this once, they refuse to fail and do whatever it takes to get out on top. They're a mixed bag, WinterClan, composed of black and white stones that create a gray whole when looked at from a distance. Some lean toward StarClan, others the Dark Forest, but they will stay neutral until pulled in a direction.

the survival clans
Elegant, Intelligent, Clever and Cunning
BrookClan cats enjoy the muddy banks at the end of the river where the four River Clans lived. The members of BrookClan are used to the warm humid air and the soft ground along the banks. They hunt fish and other small things along the banks. Brookclan and Pondclan survived a great disaster and now they live near Waterclan and Earthclan.
Stubborn, Sneaky, Witty, and Brave
The sister clan to WaterClan and the last of the two Element Clans that has survive the great fire that destroyed their brothers and sisters. This clan is a clan that prefers to keep down to earth and take things as they come. The cats of EarthClan are clever, hardworking, and honest. They hardly ever slack off and play around like some of the RiverClans do. Also, the clan is full of various types of cats who spend their time diligently patrolling their borders and hunting for their clan. After the fire, they have been known to be on their toes, though they still work as hard as they always have. These clans hunt mice, birds, and other prey through their forest territory. Of course, as their name states, they enjoy feeling the dirt under their paws.
Swift, Fierce, Loyal and Brave
Unlike the rest, we are vigorous in the water while others fear it. It is the core of our morals, nature, and habits. It courses through us, surging with power and the clarity for our cleverness and beauty. It provides us with nourishment, the fish plentiful and fresh. Our kits grow strong and sturdy and our elders remain bright and beneficial. Water makes us what we are - Waterclan, the cunning and elegant. And, no, we aren't elaborating. Our Leader, Musicalstar will show you around. But if you find her intimidating, our Deputy or Co-Deputy can show you the camp without a problem. If you are interested in joining WaterClan, you had better know your place.

the revolutionary groups
Merciless, Adroit, Vindictive, and Deceiving
If you think you've seen the worst, you're in for a true wake-up call. These cats give a whole new meaning to what you would call 'evil'. We reside in the darkest of the land. Felines of all clans know our name and fear our claws, our instruments of death. We despise those with kind hearts and gentle words. We are merciless when it comes to combat, and our defense is titanium. We are isolated to the forest, we live by our own guidelines. Each individual is on his or her own. We take care of ourselves, merely sharing a territory, for we are stronger together than apart. Who are you to judge? Come play with the cats of Primal Instinct and discover what true power really is. Do you measure up? Let's find out.
Cynical, Wicked, Demented, and Bitter
A wandering loner crossed two paths that diverged in a yellow wood. The First Road leads to darkness, dismay, and doom. The Second Road leads to freedom, tranquility, and harmony. Weak minded fools travels down the path of happiness and harmony. However, the strong take the path less traveled on, which makes all the difference. Those who take the path of darkness meet their fate at the claws of Toxicity. The Strategos decides whether the traveling loner is strong enough to join. The piety fools will not prevail and perish under the claws of the Strategos. However, the raw power of the skilled adventurers will be accepted into Toxicity. However, the training of all Toxicity Cats doesn't end upon arrival. The Strategos forces all Gladiators and Rookies to train their hardest everyday. These rigorous training sessions strengthen even the most elite and skilled Gladiators. So, are you up to the challenge? Do you have what it takes to join the power & fury possessed by Toxicity?
Loyal, Disciplined, Cunning and Brave
The darkness is our sanctuary and home to our family and friends. I could tell you that the Regime, as most come to call us, is full of horrible, angry and deceptive felines with no care for the blood that runs through your very veins, but that would be a lie. We, as a group, fight for each other no matter what. Honor, hope, and dreams define us, and it's within the very nature of our people to work hard and be disciplined in the ways of the militant. Only to outsiders, who have no will to learn more about us, do we seem terrifying. It is only because they aren't viewing us from within.We are strong, bold, cunning and brave. Do you have what it takes?

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valiance. The Possibilities Are Endless - RR & SC Plot (page: 1 2 3 4) 75 Apr 8 2014, 9:41 PM EDT by jaymist
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PLOT PROGRESS: x marks the spot
[x] - regime wants more territory
[x] - regime secretly targets SummerClan
[x] - spies get sent to spy on SummerClan
[x] - spies plan to pose as loners
[x] - one spy pretends to be mentally ill and in need of help
[] - spies trick a SummerClan patrol into letting them stay
[] - spies find out one of SummerClan's weaknesses
[] - spies get found out by an apprentice
[] - apprentice fails to alert the clan in time
[] - spies leave before anyone can get their paws on them
[] - spies return home
[] - regime forces come to take over SummerClan Territory
[] - SummerClan on the losing end in the battle
[] - SummerClan calls for help from (unknown) clan
[] - (unknown) clan sends reinforcements
[] - with the new help regime is flushed out
[] - SummerClan wins
[] - alliance established between SummerClan & (unknown) clan
[] - rivalry established between SummerClan & Regime
[] - end


Deep below the depths of the surface, a plan was brewing. Among the cats of The Regime, a short, brown tabby she-cat slipped into Commander Largo's den. Kya The Spy was followed by her rank-mates. They had an idea. "Commander Largo," came her sandpaper-like voice, "The Regime is growing by the day. The Scouts need more prey to hunt if we are to continue our path."
"I've been thinkin the same thing myself." The silky cream-colored she-cat lifted her head from her nest made of moss. "But there are no more lands to the east, Kya. I will not allow our members to expand into the dangerous city." Kya shook her head, "No need to worry, Largo. We have found lands in the west." Largo's blue eyes turned curious, "SummerClan Territory?"
"Yes m'am. Their numbers seem few." Kya meowed and twitched her whiskers. "We can take them."

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Ashenfate { { the stars will shine | | Turtlestar's Nine Lives (page: 1 2 3) 59 1 minute ago by Whitemuzzle
Thread started: Mar 30 2014, 5:29 PM EDT  Watch
She had decided to travel alone. The day had been stressful and rather confusing. Hawkfeather still had lives left, which led Turtleshell to believe that StarClan may not be as kind as to grant her the lives promised to each leader. The warrior breathed in the crisp night air, her paws making no sounds as she traveled through the wood. Soon, she arrived. Soon, Turtleshell was in a deep sleep, all alone.

1.) Everlastingstar - Darkness
2.) Frostbite - Courage
3.) Deerkit - Love
4.) Anji-kun - Sacrifice
5.) Graystar - Wisdom

(turtle will not receive all lives. Graystar will tell her this.
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jubilee. i'm not exactly a pretty sight xx hannah 15 Tuesday, 2:54 PM EDT by apple.
Thread started: Apr 10 2014, 10:13 PM EDT  Watch
Arcticfrost padded along the border, huge form brushing through the blossoming undergrowth, snow white and standing out among the budding green. His eyes, faintly distracted, flitted around with each little movement that caught his attention, shoulders rising and falling as his huge paws crushed the twigs under him.
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Ashenfate just like a B U T T E R F L Y }} i'll take flight {{ pritkit (page: 1 2 3) 48 Apr 2 2014, 7:58 AM EDT by Prettykittywithclaws
Thread started: Mar 12 2014, 2:52 PM EDT  Watch
Gentle and soft blue eyes gazed along the lands of the world. The warrior of FallClan, the quiet one, was out far from home. Ashenfate had felt almost suffocated since rejoining her birth clan. It was like the memories had overcame her, and seemed to eat at her. Ashenfate hated how the world had worked in her life, it made her rather lonely. All of her sisters, gone, her father and mother, gone.

As she walked, a gentle breeze flew through the world, carrying her scent along it. The lands she walked along held few trees, and was mostly long grasses that easily tipped over with each breeze. The striped grey warrior put paw after paw, soon not realizing she had walked right into another clan's territory.
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